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In a normal introductory about an exemplified student, one would read about the background of the pupil; where they were from, what their fondest memories as a child were; their family dynamics, how they came to be where they are today, etc. Olga Miranda Segura has been my student since I started teaching in the adult ESL program in November of 2019 and she is certainly worthy of all of the aforementioned criteria and much more. However, due to language barriers, I have only begun to scratch the surface on what a wonderful person this woman is, which is exactly the reason she is receiving this honor.


Olga has shown that core values such as dedication, compassion, perseverance, and commitment know no certain language. Not only has she come to my classes like clockwork, but she always arrives early to ensure that she is prepared for the upcoming lesson.


Recently, when our class doubled in size, Olga continued to arrive early and helped organize the classroom environment in preparation for the arriving students. Olga displays an abundant amount of dedication, willingness to learn, and a classroom cooperation attitude that allows the entire class to thrive. In many ways she has become the rock and foundation of our classroom. She is always the first to arrive and the first whose face I seek to find when preparing for class. Despite our language barrier, she has become someone whom I truly admire and cannot wait to get to know more.


Never let a language barrier hinder your thoughts on the kindness of other human beings. Olga is a prime example of this factual statement and I’ve no doubt that she will continue to change lives, just as she has mine.

Olga Segura

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My name is Samantha Osteen. I’m 39 years old and have been married for almost 17 yrs. I have 2 teenage boys, one who dropped out of school and one who will be a senior next school year. I dropped out of school when I was 16 yrs old and have been struggling since then, until 4 years ago when I started working with my husband as a land surveyor. I had left the company for 2 months to try something different, but that didn’t work out, so I went back to work with my husband. Though the money is okay and helps out a lot, I’m just not happy there. To my husband, it’s a career that he has done since he was a kid with his father and he loves everything about it, but to me, it’s just a job. 


So one afternoon my husband and I were on our way home and were talking about how he knows I’m not happy and I should do something about it, so I did. For 3 months now I have been working really hard to get my GED, not only for myself but also for my son - to show him that an education is important in life to accomplish dreams and goals that you want for yourself now. Not only am I proud of myself, but my son is also, and now wants to get his GED. On top of all that I got accepted into a program at Ultimate Medical Academy to get my associate's degree as a Medical Office and Billing  Specialist.


I would like to thank my GED teacher, Heather Summers, and my whole family for the love and support I received during all of this. I couldn’t have done without any of you... oh and the support of my classmates too. 

Samatha Osteen

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By the grace of God, I passed my US citizenship test.

I am grateful that Ms. Salma is my teacher. She is dedicated to her work and most importantly she is very hardworking and to be honest,

she makes everyone comfortable in class. The way she handled everything during the  pandemic was amazing. I do not think anybody will fail the US naturalization test. God willing, everybody will pass.

I am truly grateful to have Ms. Salma as my teacher.


I love her from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you!

Zeenat Sayyada